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Despite the efforts of others, I'm still here

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Aug. 15th, 2009 | 04:10 pm
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mood: disgusted

So, after all the initial hullabaloo surrounding the problems I've had with dental insurance (see http://ometecuhtli2001.livejournal.com/52481.html) I finally got California's official response on the matter. According to Associate Insurance Compliance Officer J. Pham at the Department of Insurance, the entire thing is a "difference of opinion" and the State of California essentially has told me to bugger off. Despite having documentation even a third-grader could understand. So now the real fight begins: the insurance company has seen how persistent I can be, so now the State is going to see mega-nag in action as well. I hate taking the role of a schoolmarm, which makes me even more disagreeable. Unfortunately, if there's one thing my experiences over the past two years have taught me, it's that a person will get absolutely nothing at all if they even so much as try to be nice more than once. That's really pathetic. Oh, and if you're worth more than a million dollars legally binding contracts don't really apply to you - feel free to break them whenever you want.

This leads me to another thought which can save the State money: why do we bother with the Department of Insurance? All they do is rubber-stamp insurance companies' activities. It's so obvious these days (just look at the numbers for their CCS report) that it doesn't make sense to spend money on their budget to make it look like ordinary shmoes like us have a fighting chance. I say get rid of them. That will give the State an immediate savings of almost a quarter of a billion dollars! ($240,051,000 to be exact.) See the proposed budget for this agency at http://www.ebudget.ca.gov/StateAgencyBudgets/0010/0845/department.html

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